CoSend vs. Buffer

Need a Buffer alternative that’s better for business and saves you more time? CoSend is the solution for you.
Price for 6 users
$79.99/mo (unlimited users)
Social media accounts
15 (10 company + 5 employee)
All-in-one tool
Google My Business support
Content Discovery
Repeating posts
Media Library
White label solution
Employee advocacy
Customer Support
Chat & email support
Chat & email support

Note: Information was accurate at the time of publication, please let us know if this information is no longer correct.

Better for business

The ideal tool for b2bs and agencies

CoSend is specifically tailored to b2bs, agencies and professionals who are looking collaborate on tasks and save time. Each of our plans is fit-for-purpose and every feature is designed with business in mind.

On top of your company pages, you can connect up your employee profiles to incorporate advocacy into your social marketing strategy.

Evergreen content

Get the most out of every post

Great content shouldn’t just be shared once. With CoSend you can quickly and easily set posts to repeat as many times as your like and create evergreen social media marketing.

Unlike Buffer where you have to create a separate post in your queue to recycle content, CoSend lets you add posts to your own customised groups where they’ll be automatically shared your chosen number of times before expiring.

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Content Discovery

Industry news at the click of a button

CoSend’s Content Discovery tool gives you access to endless industry relevant content right from your dashboard, so you can surface the conversations that matter and connect with the right people.

Easily fill the gaps in your calendar with relevant and engaging articles your communities will love. Simply search for key topics and schedule the latest news articles from around the world in just a few clicks.

White label solution

A self-branded tool, perfect for agencies

As an agency, you may want a social media management platform branded with your own logo, colours and domain name – but Buffer doesn’t offer any such plan.

Building a social media scheduler is expensive and keeping it running is difficult. Save yourself the expense and hassle by using CoSend’s white label solution instead. Your customers and team will enjoy a branded experience from their initial registration through to email notifications and beyond.

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