CoSend vs. Hootsuite

Looking for a more affordable, user-friendly alternative to Hootsuite? Here’s why you should choose CoSend.
Price for 5 users
$179.99/mo (unlimited users)
$723/mo (converted to USD)
Social media accounts
55 (30 company + 25 employee)
Simple to learn
Google My Business support
Content Discovery
Repeating posts
Media Library
White label solution
Employee advocacy
Customer Support
Chat & email support
Chat & email support

Note: Information was accurate at the time of publication, please let us know if this information is no longer correct.

Affordable alternative

Fairer pricing & no hidden fees

Paying more doesn’t always mean getting more. For a quarter of the price, CoSend offers you unlimited users and a total of 55 social profiles – that’s 20 more than Hootsuite.

You can also rest assured that what you see is what you get. Unlike Hootsuite, there are no hidden extra fees to catch you out once you’re signed up, everything you need is included in your plan.

Intuitive interface

Straightforward scheduling, without the hassle

CoSend delivers a super user-friendly, intuitive interface that makes scheduling and planning your posts quick and hassle-free.

If you find Hootsuite’s dashboard over-complicated and difficult to navigate, you’re not alone. Luckily, CoSend is designed to ensure every user can be an expert in just a few minutes, so you can focus on creating great content, not scheduling and organising.

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Premium support

Real people on hand with the support you need

We prioritise customer service above all because we know there’s nothing worse than needing help and not getting a response for hours. With big companies like Hootsuite, it can be difficult to get the 1-to-1 support you need.

Our expert team are on hand whenever you need us to provide chat and email assistance from a real human being who’ll be committed to finding you a solution as quickly as possible.

White label solution

A self-branded tool, perfect for agencies

As an agency, you may want a social media management platform branded with your own logo, colours and domain name – but Hootsuite doesn’t offer any such plan.

Building a social media scheduler is expensive and keeping it running is difficult. Save yourself the expense and hassle by using CoSend’s white label solution instead. Your customers and team will enjoy a branded experience from their initial registration through to email notifications and beyond.

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