Post Groups

Powerful features your clients will love.

Schedule posts to send automatically so you have more time to spend on creating great content

Post in advance

It pays to plan ahead

Prepare hundreds of posts days, weeks, months or even years in advance, ensuring your social presence stays active 24/7.

Set the days of the week and times of day you want to share your posts and CoSend will automatically publish them to your chosen social profiles, according to your schedule.

Fit for purpose

Create unique groups, each with different schedules

Stay organised with your very own posting categories and let CoSend line-up all your content ready to be shared, based on the days and times you set.

Give each group its own settings based on your social media needs and add, edit or delete groups at any time.

Recycle content

Get the most out of every post

Great content shouldn’t just be shared once. Set posts within a group to repeat as many times as you like and create evergreen social media marketing.

CoSend will ensure selected posts are automatically shared your chosen number of times to help you get the most out of all your content.

Post Calendar
Offering a panoramic view of the entire week ahead, this feature makes it easier than ever to stay organised.
Identify what works and boost engagement with in-depth insights into your social media performance across your channels.
Media library
Your own uniquely organised library plus access to over 2 million premium images.

Content discovery

Industry news at the click of a button, so you can start conversations that really matter.

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