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Easily and efficiently enhance the social profiles of your leadership team and get your message in front of all the right people.
Grow your reach with ease

Tap into the power of employee profiles

Research has found that employees have 10x more followers than corporate social accounts and their content receives double the engagement.

Take advantage of this power by managing your employee’s social media profiles, all from one place.

Stay on brand

Streamline the advocacy process

Not all your employees will have social media experience, the time or the right skills to enhance their profiles.

Ensure your brand messaging remains consistent and the content stays fresh by allowing your marketing team to manage all your employees’ accounts on their behalf.

Share industry insights

Transform your employees into thought leaders

Improve the influence of your people and boost your corporate credibility.

Through regular sharing of industry insights and thoughtful posts based on their field of expertise, your employees could quickly emerge as thought leaders on their platforms.

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