Seamlessly integrate CoSend with your existing systems to create a smoother, more efficient customer experience.

Option #1

White label your system to match your brand

The easiest and quickest way to integrate your system is by self-branding all aspects of your white label solution.

Impress your clients with a unique social media scheduler: your colours & logos, a custom domain, branded emails and more.

Option #2

Embed CoSend into your existing systems

Using a frame, embed CoSend’s dashboard directly into the web pages of your application so that your customers can access everything from one single location.

With embedded integration, your users get the benefit of your new white label scheduler and its powerful features from within their login area.

Option #3

Save time with single sign-on

Streamline the user experience by enabling your customers to sign-in to your social media scheduler with the same credentials they use for your other systems.

Single sign-on is a great way to integrate CoSend into your applications as it creates a hassle-free process for your clients when accessing your white label tool.

Option #4

Offer your users a fully integrated experience

Need something more bespoke? Let CoSend do the work behind the scenes while your own system interface shines.

Create a completely seamless experience for your customers with our full API integration. Use CoSend purely as a data engine, with your own, entirely unique interface as the host of your scheduling tool.

Option #5

Automate your processes with webhooks

Enable your apps to communicate with each other in real time, so that when a particular event happens within your white label system, your other apps receive the data too!

Become more efficient and automate tedious processes to suit your business.

Sadly CoSend will be shutting down at the end of April. Please make sure to export any data you need from your account prior to shut down, as it will be deleted.

We appreciate your support, and wish you all the best.

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