Feature update! Introducing the newly designed Admin Panel

We’ve created a whole new look and feel for the Admin Panel. It’s better organised with simple steps to follow to allow you to set up your white label system in minutes and manage your brands with ease.

Here you’ll find the new ‘Get Started’ feature – five simple steps for you to follow, resulting in your new white label system being up and running in minutes.

You can:

  • Customize your system
  • Create a Brand for yourself
  • Create your first User account
  • Connect your domain
  • Setup your payment details


Feel free to work through these steps in any order and at your own pace.

The new-look interface has maintained many of the features you will already be familiar with including:

  • Browse Users
  • Create Users
  • Announcements
  • Webhooks
  • Analytics


These are all now housed within an easy to navigate menu, found on the left-hand side of the screen.

It’s here you’ll also find the exciting new feature ‘Browse Brands’.

Get set up and running with your new Co-Send account within minutes.

Sadly CoSend will be shutting down at the end of April. Please make sure to export any data you need from your account prior to shut down, as it will be deleted.

We appreciate your support, and wish you all the best.

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