How do I create a content hint?

Content hints are a great way of reminding your customers of key events, celebration days or campaigns that they could be posting about. These hints can be system-wide or applied to just one calendar.

Here’s how you create both types of content hint in your tool:

1. Go to your Post Calendar as select +hint underneath the date you want your hint to appear.



2. A popup will appear entitled Create new content hint.

3. Name your hint and select your start and end date (or leave as the date you’ve already chosen).



4. If you only want to apply your content hint to the calendar you’re using, leave the Type as Standard.

5. If you want to apply your content hint across your entire system, so that it appears on all your customers’ calendars, select System from the drop-down menu next to Type.



6. Click on the blue square and choose what colour you want your hint to appear as on the calendar.



7. Click Create.

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