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Add unlimited collaborators, unlock the power of employee advocacy and schedule thousands of posts with CoSend’s Business plan.

Simplifying social marketing

Post to your business pages effortlessly

With an intuitive interface that your whole team will be attuned to in an instant, CoSend gives you access to all your content on one platform where you can enjoy seamless workflows by planning your week in advance.

Customisable features like Post Groups and tagging make it easier than ever for you and your team to stay organised and work more efficiently.

Time saving

Focus on your content, not tedious timings

Purpose-built features like Post Groups mean you no longer have to publish posts as you go, so you can spend less time manually scheduling & monitoring and more time innovating & creating.

Plus, the all-in-one nature of CoSend means you no longer have to constantly switch between your social platforms, so you can post to all your profiles from one place.

Collaborate on content

Share the workload with team members

ConSend’s Business plan gives you unlimited team members, so you can utilise the individual expertise of all your colleagues to unlock an all-powerful content strategy.

Share the workload and improve efficiency by getting different members of your team to create the content they’re best at.

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Endless visual content

Access millions of premium images

We know that sourcing your own imagery and capturing new photos takes time and resources.

With CoSend you’ll have access to over 2 million free high-resolution images through Unsplash, making it even easier for you to create vibrant posts your audiences will love..

Employee advocacy

Manage your employee’s social profiles in one place

Enhance the social profiles of your leadership team and get your message in front of all the right people by using CoSend to manage your employees’ accounts on their behalf.

Through regular sharing of industry news and insightful posts based on their field of expertise, your employees could quickly emerge as thought leaders on their platforms and help promote your business with their influence.

See what works

Track post performance to continually improve

View your post statistics for each of your company pages, including likes, comments and shares, to see how well your post has performed.

By knowing what works and what doesn’t, you can optimise your publishing schedule to include the type of content your audiences enjoy most and share to the platforms with the most engagement.

I recommend that all my clients use CoSend for employee advocacy. The flexibility to add all employees and send out social media posts at low cost is excellent.

Martijn Drijver

Senior Online Marketer

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