Getting started with your white label system

Pre-launch checklist for your white label system

Your white label system is set up and ready to go! Now what? Launching a new product can be daunting, especially if you don’t feel hugely familiar with it yet. We’ve put together an 8-part checklist of all the things you can do to make your launch as successful and seamless as possible.

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The ultimate guide to onboarding your first customer

The key to onboarding is to ensure that your customer’s experience using your product fulfills the promises you made in your marketing. Get your user acquainted with all the best features of your system and provide a seamless experience from sign-up through trial and beyond.

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How to setup your billing & invoices with Stripe

Integrating Stripe into your white label systems provides efficiency, customisability and security for all your subscriptions. You can tailor your plans to suit your business needs, including recurring charges, tiered pricing, promotions and trial periods.

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